Frequently Asked Questions

Mycoverageinfo is a transport provider that helps you find the right insurance. My Coverage Information – My Coverage Information collects all available insurance policies and helps you find the right coverage for a claim at MyCoverageInfo. Good insurance is always very important.


Frequently Asked Questions

I canceled my insurance policy with the lender, do I get a refund?

Unless coverage ends, any unused rewards that have been canceled will be refunded and credited to your account. You are responsible for your current policy by the number of days.

How do I scan my insurance documents?

The easiest way to scan your documents is from your mobile device. Access this site with your mobile device, take a photo of your documents and upload the photo.

Can I submit multiple insurance documents?

Yes, it is possible to submit multiple documents for the same loan. You can do this by downloading from the Control Panel as many times as you like. Once all your documents are uploaded, you can preview them one by one to sort them. You can then download them all together.

What is the mortgage clause?

The mortgage lender clause indicates that the mortgage lender is protected by the policies set out in your mortgage agreement. If the mortgage clause in your insurance policy is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent to correct it and send us an endorsement.

Why was an insurance benefit paid that I did not authorize?

It is our responsibility to pay your deposit to your preferred insurer. To ensure that you do not suffer from a lack of supply, we make payments immediately after we receive the respective invoices from your supplier. On rare occasions, a representative you speak with may charge for your use prior to approval. If your carrier or agent charged us in error, please contact them to cancel the policy.